Casper Faassen wins ALPA Award at Photo Basel

3 Jul 2019

The announcement as done by Photo Basel

We are delighted to announce the winner of this year’s ALPA Award for an outstanding artist at photo basel 2019, sponsored by the Swiss camera manufacturer ALPA®. We would like to thank ALPA as well as the award-endowing anonymous private collector for their support in general and their commitment to honor exceptional photographic positions in particular.

Casper Faassen (*1975/NL) is the recipient of the ALPA Award 2019.

The historically rooted, technically impressive and aesthetically seductive works by the Dutch artist Casper Faassen convinced the small jury and purchasing private collector. The skilful play of the artist, who started out as a painter, with the layered nature of photography--from the immaterial to the material to the semantic--manifests Faassen’s intense engagement with the medium, the act of seeing, and the constructiveness of images. And yet Casper Faassen's works are far from being dry academic exercises, but rather are wonderfully sensitive photographs that touch the viewer emotionally. We are pleased to award Casper Faassen for his work and would like to congratulate him on this achievement.

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