Fundraiser for Ukraine

Light in Darkness

Vlad Detiuchenko and Veronika Rakitina fled their homes in Kyiv last year and ended up in The Hague. Since there’s still no end to the war in their home country, they reached out to Korzo to set up a charity event. ‘I’m no soldier, but I want to fight for the freedom of my country,’ says Detiuchenko. ‘I want to fight for the lives of my fellow Ukrainians. I believe art can play a vital part in this, to show an audience the emotions and intentions of an artist. Art can contribute to a better world. I think that this charity event is a wonderful opportunity to participate in the fight for peace.’

Besides the performance, Faassen, Detiuchenko and Rakitina teamed up to make a limited edition print. The charity event on Tuesday the 21nd of March raised 20.000 euro for NGO Zeilen van Vrijheid. This ngo – recommended by the Ukrainian ambassy in The Hague – works hard to transport ambulances and medicine to Ukraine. Read more about Zeilen van Vrijheid here.