Solo show at Bildhalle Amsterdam

The Space Between

"The Space Between" is Casper Faassen`s first solo exhibition at Bildhalle Amsterdam. After a solo presentation in Zurich (2021) and a series of important art fairs such as Photo London or Art Rotter-dam, Bildhalle and the artist deepen their collaboration with the presentation of works created by Casper Faassen especially for this exhibition. The show offers the opportunity to discover the full range of his multi-layered œuvre: portraits, movement studies of male and female dancers, and explorations of the nude, landscapes and still lifes.

The title of the exhibition refers to central aspects of Faassen`s work: the distance he maintains from the photographed object, the multi-layered nature – both in terms of craft and content – and the space between these layers that defines what is visible and what is not. Casper Faassen draws inspiration from the Japanese concept of "Ma", understood as negative space or emptiness in space. But "Ma" is not just emptiness, it is also the space between two dancers in a duet, the space between two works, or the silence that occurs just before someone begins to speak. For Faassen, the magic lies precisely in these voids and pauses. This exploration of negative space allows him and us to focus on certain aspects of life and art. It`s like turning-off certain senses in order to sharpen others.

3d scan of the exhibition